What is plastic surgery and is it the right choice?

Plastic surgery, despite its name, doesn’t mean that if you do this kind of surgery you will end up with something fake. It means that this kind of surgery enables for something to be fixed on the person’s body. There are two types of plastic surgery:

Reconstructive – which is done to correct any defects on the face or body which can be brought about from birth defects, injures, diseases or burns.
Cosmetic – which is done to correct a part of the body which the person is not satisfied with. These can include putting breast implants, fixing the nose, removing fat during liposuction surgery. Some of these procedures do not have to be done with surgery but with the use of lasers or other different treatments.


Is plastic surgery the right choice?

Reconstructive surgery is the right choice if you want to correct some defects or problems that have been caused by different things. But cosmetic surgery might not be the best choice However there are different reasons why you should or shouldn’t have cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery does not make such a big change on your life. Even doctor want to make sure that you are doing the things for the right reasons and that you can withstand everything that you will go though during and after the surgery. That is why you will be asked variety of questions for your doctor to determine if you are a right candidate.

You must be the right age if you want to have plastic surgery. For example, if a girl wants to have rhinoplasty she must be at least 15 or 16, and boys have to be a year older.

Girls who want to have breast implants must be 18 or older because the implants are only approved for girls this age. However, if a girl wants breast implants because there is a major difference between her two breasts or she doesn’t have one breast at all, she may get the permission to do the surgery earlier.

Things that you should consider

If you have decided to have plastic surgery here are some things that you should consider before you make up your mind.

Everybody is aware of their body and there are very few people that like their bodies the way they are. But make sure that you are doing the surgery for yourself and not to please other people’s eyes.
If you are in your teens and you want to have a plastic surgery it is best if you wait a while because your body isn’t yet developed and it might undergo some changes during your teens years.
Being in good shape and maintaining a good weight diet can do wonders for your body’s shape. Plastic surgery should not be your first choice when a problem can be fixed in a more natural way.
If you are flooded with emotions about the way you look surgery might not help you overcome these emotions. It is better if you start seeing a therapist to help you with your emotional problem than do something that you might regret later on.

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