Spring Cleaning! Getting Rid of Your Old Makeup


Spring Cleaning! Getting Rid of Your Old Makeup

Most beauty products are designed to stay fresh for a specified period of time then they start to break down. Hanging on to your skincare or makeup past its expiration date, might be causing skin problems. Using a product beyond its expiration date may seem harmless, but expired beauty products can carry a range of bacteria.

In a 2013 study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science evaluated the makeup routines and habits of 44 women ranging in ages 18 to 28, and the results showed 70% of women in the study used some type of expired product, mostly eye makeup mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow.

Products that contain water as one of the first ingredients have the shortest shelf life after opening because water encourages the growth of bacteria and products made up of almost no water (such as powders) last the longest. Also products are susceptible to bacterial contamination and breakdown from exposure to air. If you have a product that is discolored, runny or lumpy, has separated, developed a strange odor, or feels different on the skin than it once did, then by all means throw it away.

Here is what you need to know on the shelf life of your favorite makeup and skincare products, and how to spot those that are past their prime.

Lotions and Perfume
Recommended replacement: 3-4 years
Body lotion and perfumes typically tend to last longer than most. Although, at times it is hard to remember how long you’ve actually had that scented body lotion. So, if it has changed color from a bright white to an unappealing yellow that seems thinner or more watery than when you initially purchased it, replace it.
As for perfume, alcohol is a natural preserver, keep it in a cool, dark place, and it should last for a few of years. When the scent of the perfume smells different, you should toss it.

Skincare Products
Recommended replacement: 1 year
Typically, you shouldn’t hold onto skin-care products for more than. Products that fight wrinkles, or acne are typically only formulated to be active for a year.

Recommended replacement: 1 year
Sunscreen should be replaced every year, however, if your formula comes out runny or has turned from white to yellow, this could mean the active ingredients might be compromised and most likely will not protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Be sure to always pay attention to the way the products looks.

Recommended replacement: Loose compact powder last for about 1 to 2 years
Recommended replacement: Powder blush last for about 1 to 2 years
Recommended replacement: Foundations 6 months to 1 year
Powdered beauty products contain the least amount of water, making it harder for bacteria to grow. However, the brushes you use to apply the powder may carry dangerous bacteria. Invest in a brush sanitizer and clean your brushes regularly to prevent breakouts and bacteria growth. Within just months, foundation can start to grow bacteria that present health risks to your skin. Every time you touch your makeup, you transfer germs to them and ultimately to your face. Try to keep your fingers out of products. As oils rise to the top, and the consistency thickens, the odds of bacterial growth increase. This can lead to breakouts or irritation, even infection.

Recommended replacement: 3 months
A mascara tube is a dark, wet environment which is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Also, every time you re-insert the brush into the tube you double dip, all of which increases the risk of an eye infection.Pumping the wand pushes air into the tube, causing it to dry out faster. Try slowly draw out and twist the brush instead.

Eyeliner and Eye Shadow
Recommended replacement: Liquid eyeliners, 3 months
Recommended replacement: cream eye shadows, 6 months
Recommended replacement: pencil eyeliners and powder eye shadows, 2 years
Eye makeup is especially vulnerable to bacteria, so start reviewing your makeup collection for expiration dates. Pencil eyeliners can be renewed by sharpening after each use. Expired powdered eye shadows tend to be more flaky and dry.

Lipstick and Lip liner
Recommended replacement: Lipstick and gloss, 2 years
Recommended replacement: Lip liner 2 years or more
The water content in lipstick makes them potential mini reservoirs of bacteria so avoid sharing it with others. Also, if you get a cold sore, throw out all lip products you are using.
Another way to tell that lip gloss has passed its expiration date is if it you notice color changes or you see mold, get rid of them.

Here are some easy tips for prolonging the shelf life of your products:

Things to remember:

Store your products in a cabinet or drawer
Wash your hands before using products
Tighten/secure the cap after each use
Toss out eye/lip products after you’ve had an eye infection or cold sore

Things to avoid:

Storing your products in direct sunlight
Sharing your products with others
Adding water or saliva to thin out or remoisten your products
Pumping your mascara

Remember: If it smells funny, looks odd or the texture has changed definitely replace it! Also, keep in mind that smell is one of the first properties to change when a formula has expired.

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