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Liposuction surgery is a great way to help reduce fat from specific areas, without having to go through a major weight loss program. It can also help remove excess skin or stubborn fat, without having to endure a tummy tuck. In general, liposuction surgery can be divided into two types - one that removes only pockets of fat and another that remove fat across a larger area of the body. This second type of liposuction surgery is called a mini lipo. Both types of liposuction surgery have great success rates and are very effective, but there is certain liposuction technique used in conjunction with one or the other that can lead to even greater cosmetic and health benefits.

Traditional Liposuction Surgery: The most common form of liposuction surgery is called traditional liposuction surgery. Also known as traditional life, this procedure sculpts the body, removing pockets of fat and diet-responsive tissue from either the hips, abdomens, cheeks, saddlebags, shoulders, thighs and/or lower back. Because traditional liposuction surgery is performed over a large area, many more small incisions are required, which leads to a higher rate of complications. Furthermore, traditional liposuction surgery can lead to excessive scarring.

Mini-Lipo Procedure: The mini lipo procedure is a relatively new form of liposuction surgery. It allows the surgeon to perform the same results as larger "traditional" liposuction surgeries, but without having as many incisions. The incisions in a mini lipo are much smaller, often no more than 2mm in diameter. Instead of removing fat from a large area of the body, the surgeon uses small incisions around specific areas of the face or body. Because there are fewer incisions, there are also less blood loss, less trauma to the skin, and a faster recovery time. However, because the recovery period for a mini lipo is typically longer than a traditional lipo, it is usually considered a more intensive form of cosmetic surgery, and patients are advised to be in generally good health before having this procedure.

Elastic Liposuction Surgery: With elastic liposuction surgery, tiny incisions are made along the edge of the skin to allow the surgeon to vacuum in certain areas. However, because the tiny incisions used do not accommodate much fat, elastic liposuction surgery often results in a higher rate of blood loss, and more trauma to the surrounding skin. This is due to the fact that the skin must be tightened and stretched tightly, which can leave scars and stretch marks in some areas of the skin. In addition, because the tiny incisions made can be easily covered with clothing, patients must also expect to undergo a longer recovery period before they can return to their normal activities.

Open Tummy Liposuction: With an open tummy liposuction surgery, there is very little trauma to the body, because the doctor only makes small incisions in the skin. However, because more tissue is exposed, there is a chance for swelling, and an extended period of time before the wounds heal. Sometime patients have to have several months of rest from work and other strenuous activities, until their scars heal.

Although these are all typical results with liposuction surgery and are common with many types of cosmetic surgeries, there are still several complications to watch for. One common complication of this procedure is excessive fluid buildup and swelling. Even though the incisions are small, and only a few tiny scars are created, there is still a lot of bleeding and fluid buildup inside the abdominal area, which can cause infections, as well as damage to vital organs. Other complications include internal bleeding, and temporary or permanent nerve damage due to the incisions.

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