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hi I'm Austin hey I'm a plastic surgeon

and portland oregon and seattle

washington and today I'm going to talk

about recovery after breast augmentation

a lot of women are interested in her

breast augmentation that they have

questions about the recovery

some of them may have had friends who

have a documentation and found that they

had a lot of pain and swelling and that

they were taking strong pain medicine

and that demanded motivation use that

arm for a couple of weeks

well thankfully breast augmentation

niques have changed and now the recovery

is much shorter and women can get behind

their day-to-day activities typically

within hours

here's an example of this young woman

who underwent an augmentation surgery

where she is immediately before


gender when a breast augmentation with

round silicone implants for implants

were placed under the muscle using

precise dissection techniques

prospective hemostasis dividing her

muscle carefully we were able to

decrease swelling and decrease pain for

only dressing after the surgery is a

bandaid that covers your inch incision

that's hidden in the crease of her

breasts no special process required in

this young woman who are banned broad

because she found it most comfortable

immediately after the surgery she goes

home fix the two-hour nap and then wakes

up and gets into a warm shower arm

raises start immediately after the

surgery and she does the arm raises five

times per hour which helps relax your

chest muscles and actually makes

everything feel we send less tight

I see all my patients the first day

after surgery and this gives me an

opportunity to check and make sure that

everything looks ok miss Eyre no fluid

collections around the implant

as you can tell her implants look hi

this is completely normal and they will

settle over the course of the next

several months here she is one week

after surgery as you can tell her

implants are already starting to settle

and it's at this one week visit that I

give her a fresh set of band-aids you

can see this that incision is hidden

nicely in the crease again it's only

about two inches long at this one week

is it you talk about implant massage

where she pushes the implant in

different directions and massages the

breast to help keep them soft while she

heals here she is at her six weeks

visiting our implants have continued to

settle the lower part of her breast is

looking more round and more natural

appearance and the upper part of the

dress is looking less full for incision

has healed nicely i use four layers of

sutures that are all buried underneath

the skin as you can tell she has a nice

an incision is still red and this is

completely normal but this will fade to

a light color over the coming year

on the left this is the first day after

surgery in the middle mrs. one week and

on the right is that we visit this is

an example of what's called the drop and

plus this is the implant settling and

you can tell most noticeably at the top

of her breasts that on the left it

appears quite full

and as you move to the right the top of

the breast appears less full as the

implant settles the bottom of the breath

starts to look around and this process

will continue over the next several

months at the end of six weeks she's had

her final visit and we have a happy

patient who had a great recovery after

breast augmentation surgery

thank you

Austin Hayes MD
Tanasbourne Plastic Surgery
18650 NW Cornell Rd #324
Hillsboro, OR 97124
(503) 297-9340