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my name is chris webb been married

years to Angie my wonderful wife we have

four beautiful children

we've been in marriage counseling now for a year

and it had been an eye-opening

experience so it started last year when

my wife really just kind of dropped a

bombshell on me she said we've got to go

to counseling in fact you don't have a


it's serious and I had ignored some

other side's really had avoided and and

resisted life sides

I did it because I was a good guy

I did it because I was a hard worker i'm

in the middle of a career I have plenty

of opportunities to do great things for

my family and and what's wrong with that

so my wife says we have to go to

counseling and I reluctantly agreed i

knew i knew she needed

I knew she needed more than I did right

and we we all kind of think that that

that's the case so I agree didn't want

to but I was going to be there for her

it was an eye-opening experience it was

truly eye-opening what I didn't realize

at the time in fact Sean had recommended

the first day that we read a book called

don't want a divorce and I remember

sitting in the chair next to my wife

saying i don't agree with the premise of

the title what I I started to see was a

tremendous amount of hurt in my wife's

life and an entire story that had been

shaped by pain verbal abuse and every

time she had cried out for help she was

told that it wasn't as bad

and that she needed to go back to the

person that was causing her thing and it

suddenly dawned on me that I was that

person for her that every time she had

come to me for help I told her she

needed to handle it on our own

I told her that she needed to work hard

to try to solve their own problems you

know that's how I was raised and then

the light started to hit maybe I had

some issues that i need to address

I never looked at my my upbringing as

being anything less than perfect you

know it was wonderful yeah my parents

were divorced you know yeah I I guess I

admit later that I had a really unusual

fear of conflict but that was normal

right who wants to have a fight i

thought it was a good thing in marriage

you don't have fights that's that's what

we strive for

I can only remember my parents fighting

once and then they got divorced so why

wouldn't I not want to find and during

the course of the year more and more

starting to build more started to come

out about the health of boundaries the

respect that we need to have for each

other as individuals

Sean many great a great revelation to me

that if to become one

first the to have to behold to begin

with we have to we have to to come into

this union with a wholeness and

completeness in an identity price that I

didn't have and so the transformation

started to take place i started

devouring my time in this these

counseling sessions in fact I would tell

my wife you know what you sit at home on

this one I've got a few things I need to

go over it started to become more and

more about me and now our marriage is

flourishing blossoming and we have a

relationship that I could imagine.
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