Breast Implant Exchange with Fat Enhancement

Amanda’s first implants were placed by another surgeon approximately 15 years earlier

425cc anatomical saline implants were placed under the muscle

She was unhappy with the implant rippling, breast gap and muscle flexion distortion

Even under the muscle, the implants were still very visible as coverage was so thin

Being very lean also made her naturally wide breast gap seem even more prominent

Displacement and flattening of the implants occurred with every muscle contraction

Implants placed above the muscle would have resulted in more visibility due to less coverage

Implant placement under the muscle also created a wider breast gap visible in clothes

Rippling was more pronounced with saline implants especially when leaning forward

Amanda first presented to our practice 10 years earlier for her tummy tuck

Her satisfaction and trust allowed her to feel confident in having breast surgery as well

Correction involved removing the implants and restoring the muscle to its original position

Placing cohesive, gummy bear, anatomical, silicone gel implants in a new pocket above the muscle

Then filling the overlying skin envelope with fat grafts to add cover, volume and cleavage

Amanda is seen at her initial visit (left image) four years earlier with her original saline implants

The center photos show her four years after initial implant exchange to 350cc smooth, round, silicone gel implants (still under the muscle) with 50 cc of fat placed above

There was significant improvement but she still wanted to reduce the gap and muscle animation even more

As she was lean and also very athletic, she wanted complete muscle correction

Mentor MH 440 CC, anatomical, textured cohesive gel implants were placed over the repaired muscle

75 CC of fat was also placed into the overlying breast envelope for coverage, volume and contour

She is now seeing (right images) with her final results 2 months after implant relocation and fat transfer

The fat grafts have completely integrated and have the potential to last a lifetime

There are no visible or palpable irregularities and full natural breasts have been achieved

Amanda went from a C to her desired D cup and… she finally has cleavage

The animation deformity is completely corrected and a soft natural appearance is finally hers

According to many websites gives an option to standard breast inserts for many women. There are two types of Natural Breast enlargement procedures; Fat transfer breast augmentation and Stem-cell breast augmentation. As the name suggests “fat transfer”, the process involves removing of fat cells from any other part of the body (thighs or buttocks) and transferring it into the breasts. On the other hand, mature stem-cells from excess fat in the client’s own body can be collected, and then injected into the breasts to be augmented, where they can generate more excess fat to enhance the breast naturally. Traditional breast augmentation isn’t completely successful, while natural augmentation has many benefits such as, less complication and threats. Also, the recovery time of naturally augmented breasts will be shorter than standard augmentation.


Saline or silicone implants are trending for decades, as they are safe. However, we cannot ignore the drawbacks of traditional breast implants; No natural look, looks lethargic for some women, and non real feel. And, if the body is not responding to the implants, then the healing process will take much longer time. Some women experience deformation due to the implants, as they can slip out of the correct place. Most of the women desire naturally augmented breast; however, due to the unavailability or costlier process, they tends to choose traditional breast implants.


Natural breast augmentation has the least recovery time; Only 2 days, as there are no implants involved in the process. Naturally breast augmentation surgery carries fat or stem cells from the patient’s body. Therefore, there are no risks associated with this type of surgery. This type of surgery is also helps in reducing unwanted fat from the thighs or buttocks, which is directly proportional to losing weight. This methodology doesn’t influence the women’s potential to get mammograms, not at all like traditional breast augmentation

Natural breast augmentation has many benefits but has a major drawback; Limited increase in breast size! Yes, Natural breast augmentation doesn’t support the massive increase in size, so for those women who are looking for massive increase should not go with this type of surgery. However, one cup size can be easily increased with this procedure. This is the ideal surgery for women who are looking to restore their breast dull appearance due to aging, nursing, or pregnancy. The fat transfer process or stem cell augmentation can easily make breasts considerably rounder & firmer. Some women prefer a firmer as well as the rounder breasts instead of the breast size. Cosmetic surgeons like will not reject any type of breast augmentation surgery, so it is up to you; deciding which one is the best for your appearance and desire.


Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation

Yes. You can have a Breast Augmentation and go back to normal activities the VERY SAME DAY.

Breast Augmentation is the most popular and most frequently performed cosmetic surgery procedure in the U.S. It’s ideal for women who wish to enhance, regain or restore volume and balance to their bodies.

At the WG, Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation is the hottest, new approach and our patients love it. What makes recovery so quick? The secret lies in a gentle surgical approach and having our patients get active immediately after surgery.

During surgery, gently and efficiently dissects tissues while creating the implant pocket. This minimizes trauma to the breast tissues and shortens a patient’s time under anesthesia. Less anesthesia is then absorbed and metabolized within the body. After surgery then, the body has less to release. Also, gentle tissue dissection leads to less bruising and less bruising leads to less post-operative pain. It’s a win-win!

After surgery, patients are encouraged to get back-to-life. Within an hour or two, patients are required to get outside, walk, shop or to do light housework. They are asked to complete a routine series of prescribed over-the-head exercises. To help with the soreness, patients rely solely on Ibuprofen.

With Rapid Recovery, the earlier a patient gets active the less stiffness and pain sets in quickening the recovery process.

This is contrary to the traditional post-operative surgical regimen still prescribed widely by plastic surgeons. The typical post-op plan is to have a patient rest and not raise her arms above her head. This leads to a longer, more painful recovery. Why? Stiffness sets in with less movement. Then the cycle starts – more stiffness, more pain, more recovery time needed.

Our patients have been amazed. They tell us that they have gone to the movies, out to eat and shopping with family and friends the very same day and still feel great afterwards. They often find the initial exercising challenging but say they adapt quickly and actually love getting back into their normal routine. They also tell us that they are amazed at how well and clear thinking they feel so fast.

Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation is the perfect procedure for patients who are having their first Breast Augmentation. However, a traditional recovery regimen is still recommended for patients requiring breast revisions, lifts or reductions.

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